Saltwater Done Right!

Recent advances in technology have made a large impact in the products available to aquarists today. This new equipment has finally made saltwater tanks possible for everyone. From a predator tank to a vibrant reef display, the possibilities are endless! Take that empty space in any room, and make your dreams come to life. We strive to meet your needs, at a price you can afford. But, it is FishGeek’s goal to help you achieve your dream while remaining environmental conscious. This aspect is often overlooked in initial purchases, but there are critical issues to be aware of. Knowing the newest technologies in lighting, filtration, and pumps will drastically reduce your aquariums electrical usage. It’s also vital to purchase livestock that aren’t over-harvested, and corals that have been taken from renewable resources. This promotes the longevity of these organisms that you will come to know and love, and we would love to help take you through this process. You too, can be a FishGeek!

With that said, we understand that the ultimate deciding factor is often the price-tag. Calculating the cost of the initial infrastructure, maintenance, and day to day operation can be overwhelming. A lot of customers turn to big chain stores hoping to spend less on their aquarium supplies, fish, coral, and liverock. It is important to note that our fish and coral availability changes weekly, and we may not have the immediate selection that these stores offer.

So, why give us your business? We are a small locally operated business. You will always be in contact with a knowledgeable professional. We offer a variety of live rock (Fiji, Tonga, Caribbean, etc) in varying sizes, and regularly stock 400lbs of fully cured live rock in a system with pieces up to 20 years old to propagate beneficial macro life and bacteria. Our fish and corals are quarantined for a minimum of 6 weeks to ensure the health of your existing ecosystems. And, our prices are set competitively with other businesses in the area.

Our promise to our customers is to deliver a tank you can be proud of that will fit your expectations as well as your budget. Being a FishGeek means believing anything is possible, and it is our passion to advance the love of all things fishy with the best service and advice available. Give your business to someone who can help you create the tank you envisioned, not sell you the one on hand.


5845 Hillside Lane, Mechanicsburg, PA 17050


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