FW Done Right!

Many amateur aquarists turn to freshwater as an easy solution for a low maintenance system. There are definitely stresses with saltwater that may not be for everyone, but overall many of the maintenance needs are the same. Freshwater requires regular cleaning, water changes and testing, and filter cleaning. It is exciting to learn how to care for your aquarium and the life within, but all to often improper cleaning and disease leads to a large degree of trial and error.

Enjoy a thriving freshwater aquarium without the hassles of dealing with algae overgrowth, imbalanced PH levels, and the many diseases that are carried by fish from large fish dealers. We can provide you with healthy fish. We regularly carry African & American Cichlids as well as a variety of tropical fish. We can also provide you with what you need if a beautiful planted tank is more your style. Let us help you design, stock, and/or maintain your freshwater aquarium. We will do our best to keep both you and your fish happy.


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